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Air Purification and Filtration Products

Air purification and proper filtration of air are essential in attaining long-term health that is deserved in consumers. Air purification and filtration products remove indoor air pollutants such as airborne particles, germs, bacteria, chemical odors and vapors. The removal of these impurities can be wholesome for people who suffer from allergies and asthma. These products are everyday solutions that will fight these impurities with consistency.

PureAirTM Air Purification System

The PureAirTM air purification system removes what shouldn’t be breathed in. This technology combats all three classes of indoor air contaminants for comprehensive air refinement throughout the structure: particles, bioaerosols and vapors. This product removes 99.9% of mold spores, pollen, dust and pet dander. Fine particles absorbed by the lungs including smoke and infectious bacteria are exterminated. This further eradicates volatile organic compounds and odors from cooking, pets and cleaning products.

Healthy Climate® Carbon Clean 16 – Media Air Cleaner

The Carbon Clean 16® combines industry-leading MERV 16 filtration with activated, carbon-coated fibers to eradicate allergy-aggravating particles from your home’s air. This system provides powerful filtration without airflow restriction of your comfort system.

Healthy Climate® 11 – Media Air Cleaner

Unlike portable units that give partial resolution to air quality problems, the Healthy Climate® 11 is installed in the ductwork for the comfort system. This delivers fresh and clean air throughout the premises by filtering the millions of allergy aggravating particles that circulate throughout a typical building.

Air Scrubber Plus® with ActivePureTM Technology

Using the combination of specialized UV germicidal light waves and a catalytic method, the Air Scrubber Plus® purifies, scrubs and disinfects air. This product functions consecutively in the comfort environment thus reducing and killing airborne germs, dust and odors all while cleaning surfaces and carpets. The success in alleviating indoor air quality pollution makes this a leader in air quality products.

Healthy Climate® UV Germicidal Light

Technology such as the Healthy Climate® UV germicidal lights destroy contaminants similar to mold, mildew and bacteria. Using a maximum intensity ultraviolet light, the cell structure of microbes is impaired, preventing them from growing and spreading throughout the structure. Germs, mold and fungi that may live in the comfort system also are killed by the germicidal light. This helps to keep the HVAC system clean and operate at peak efficiency.

Healthy Climate® High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filtration System

A Healthy Climate® HEPA system is capable of eliminating virtually all allergy irritating contaminants, including nearly the smallest particles and bacteria. Particles are prevented from bypassing the filter in this sealed design system and recirculating in the HVAC system. This technology is so effective, you will see this same technology used in hospital operating rooms and labs across the country.

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