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Comfort Control Products

The ability for a consumer to operate their heating and cooling system while using less energy can be achieved through thermostats and zone control systems. Programmable thermostats allow the user to enter and save their desired comfort settings for various periods throughout a day. This permits the HVAC system to operate on an as needed basis, reducing energy consumption. Each heating and cooling system moves air throughout the home by way of duct. The addition of a zone control system, employs motorized dampers in the duct to increase or decrease airflow to different parts of the areas served. In directing air to the location it is most needed, a zoning system doesn’t waste energy by overheating or overcooling other areas.

iComfort S30® Smart Thermostat

While the customers schedule may be unpredictable, weather conditions and air quality can also change. The iComfort S30® Smart Thermostat adjusts to user needs flawlessly. Working with smartphone technology, heating and cooling is automatically adjusted when the user comes and goes. This saves money without the customer even thinking about it.

iComfort Wi-Fi® Touchscreen Thermostat

When used in conjunction with Lennox® equipment, the iComfort Wi-Fi® retains the temperature within 0.5 degree of the setting. The availability of the iComfort Wi-Fi Flex model allows use of this technology with other brands of heating and cooling equipment. Regardless of what type of HVAC system is installed, the user can appreciate a more relaxed and efficient space.

ComfortSense® 7500 and 5500 Series Thermostat

Similar to other thermostats, the ComfortSense® 7500 and 5500 series allow the option of programming a delay temperature. This saves the user energy while being away for the day. The key difference is this control steps up performance before the user steps back through the door. With simplified programming it becomes easier to save energy with schedules synchronized to the user’s life.

ComfortSense® 3000 Series Thermostat

The most basic programmable thermostat available is the ComfortSense® 3000. This allows the capability of customizing one temperature schedule for weekdays and a separate schedule for weekends. The energy savings from this control is done so in a way that makes sense with the user’s lifestyle.

iHarmony® Zoning System

Utilizing the iHarmony® zoning system in combination with premium Lennox® equipment, this puts the heating and cooling exactly where it is wanted. Redirection of airflow to specific areas on an as needed basis help temperatures stay consistent from level to level as well as room by room. Each zone has its own separate thermostat that maintains the temperature setting. Adjustments can be made at each thermostat or at the main control.

Harmony IIITM Zoning System

Best delivered at peak performance with Lennox® equipment, the Harmony IIITM Zoning System is able to be used with most any home comfort system regardless of brand. This is an ideal solution if the home or building has a top floor that is always warmer than lower floors. This zoning system offers even more resolution for homes with large windows, family members who require different temperature needs or even with improvement in heating and cooling bills.

Lennox® LZP Zoning System

LZP Zoning Systems by Lennox® allow for easy integration with heating and cooling systems. Whether single-speed heating and cooling or multistage equipment, the LZP system is capable of providing optimal comfort. Providing the ability to maintain different temperatures in separate areas, this system reduces energy costs without comfort sacrifice.

Thank you for sending out Taylor today for A/C service. Not that you would expect anything different, but Taylor was very professional and courteous just wanted to pass it on. He checked everything off and suggested replacing the capacitor, which I had him do. Thanks again and appreciate all the help as always.

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