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Ventilation Products

Modern homes and businesses are often tightly sealed for efficiency. While efficiency is important, this can also cause indoor air to be stuffy. Allergens and other contaminants can stay trapped inside the building thus creating an undesirable indoor environment. Effective solutions to this problem can be achieved by replacing stale indoor air with fresher outdoor air.

Healthy Climate® Ventilation Control System

The Ventilation Control System by Healthy Climate® delivers ventilation for enhanced air quality and comfort. Functioning in union with the automatic damper, the digital controller regulates when and how long the product will ventilate. This is done through the uninterrupted monitoring of the outside temperature, inside relative humidity and the user control settings. This is a simple and effective product to introduce outside air into a home or business.

Healthy Climate® Energy Recovery Ventilator

Ideal for homes in warmer climates, a Healthy Climate® Energy Recovery Ventilator transfers moisture and heat from incoming fresh air to the outward airstream. Not only does the ERV expel odors, chemicals and contaminants from your home, the air inside is circulated keeping the home comfortable while no energy is wasted.

I choose this dealer because of their previous ratings and recommendations from a neighbor. One other important reason I choose them is that they are a local company and were very busy. In my humble opinion, ‘the good ones are always busy’. I was also very impressed by the sales rep/business, consultant, and overall “Super Woman” Traci who worked me to make it all happen.

Rory W. (Accokeek, MD)