Efficiency & Incentives

Learn more about energy efficiency and incentives available for system upgrades at Energy Star.

Installation Services

One of the most essential aspects of indoor comfort is the technology of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. The goal of every HVAC system is to provide the ultimate comfort level and air quality for the consumer.

Replacement Heating or Air Conditioning Systems

Our Comfort Advisors are experts when it comes to consumer comfort and air quality recommendation. Every advisor takes the time to review all options available in achieving the needs of the customer. This includes reviewing all available heating and cooling equipment and indoor air quality products. Once it is decided what will ultimately meet your expectations in comfort, the entire installation process will be explained. It is important that all questions and concerns are addressed and in detail with each client. There is not any time restriction on how long an advising appointment will take. We ensure that all concerns and questions are answered and clarified to the best of our ability.

There are certain suggestive signs that indicate when your system should be replaced. Typically, any system that is more than ten-years old can be replaced with a new high-efficiency unit. By upgrading the system to a unit with higher efficiency standards, consumers can expect to reduce overall energy use costs upward of 20%. If the energy cost savings is not enough of a reason for you to upgrade your system, there are other reasons that may have you consider replacement.


Modern machinery has advanced considerably within the past decade. Innovative Heating and Cooling equipment not only is more efficient than it has ever been, but is environmentally friendly. This ensures the user with further system reliability than ever before.


Current heating and cooling equipment may contain variable speed fan motors. Unlike traditional motors, variable speed motors operate at different speed stages to accurately control the movement of air through the area served. Improved airflow means a better temperature and humidity balance.


When upgrading HVAC systems, clients have various incentives available to help put money back into their pocket. Annually, manufacturers offer significant rebates on upgraded HVAC equipment. Not only are rebates available from the manufacturers, utility companies also offer rebate and credit incentives to customers. The Federal Government also has income tax credits available for upgraded equipment.

I choose this dealer because of their previous ratings and recommendations from a neighbor. One other important reason I choose them is that they are a local company and were very busy. In my humble opinion, ‘the good ones are always busy’. I was also very impressed by the sales rep/business, consultant, and overall “Super Woman” Traci who worked me to make it all happen.

Rory W. (Accokeek, MD)